Undomestic Recipes

I’ve decided to collate all the recipes of stuff I’ve learned to make here to make it easier for other undomestic chefs to copy (and for me to refer back to since this is essentially my online recipe book). Before you read on, you should first read the note: Cooking for the Undomestic Goddess – Really Easy Proven “Authentic” Recipes. I am not a gourmet chef nor do I pretend to be. I cheat and take short cuts wherever and whenever possible. I am exceptionally proud of a lot of the “success” of these recipes and I think they are great even with the low standards that I have. I promise nothing and take no responsibility for any negative results you experience from these recipes. You have been warned…

Asian Cooking:

Western Meals:

Chinese Soup:



Asian Desserts:

Drinks and Smoothies:

The following are not my recipes, but they have been a real hit with the hubby and they are pretty easy to make so I am including them there:

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