The Return to 800 Bucks Down the Hill

Return of the Rockrats to 800 Bucks Down the Hill… well, some of us; okay, maybe just two of the Rockrats – Joshua aka Fearless Leader and Jason aka Mutant Man. Trip Report provided by Fearless Leader; embellished (only a little) by Combat Girl.

Fearless Leader (Left) and Mutant Man (Right)

“800 Bucks Down the Hill” is a special route very close to the hearts of the Rockrats and it is located in an area of Nyamuk, Batu Caves, called Ridsect. You can read about the history of it here.

The year is 2021, some 18 years after Thin Man claimed the first ascent of 800 Bucks Down the Hill. Fearless Leader and Mutant Man have decided the time has come to revisit this dreaded place and create some new memories.

Classic Comments

True to his name, Fearless Leader led the first attempt on 800 Bucks in 18 years. After descending, he adjusted the rope, thinking Mutant Man would climb top-rope. As Mutant Man got to the wall, he removed the rope instead.

Fearless Leader: Eh? Aren’t you gonna top it?
Mutant Man: My friend didn’t bolt this route for me to top. 
Joshua: …

A little later, Fearless Leader and Mutant Man met a stunt man reminded him of another Rockrat – Mike aka Thin Man – and an idea is formed. They decided to re-enact a few of our shots from that fated day 18 years ago. Stunt Man was was a little bemused but he humoured our two Rockrats. After a few shots running through antics that felt rather ridiculous to him, Stunt Man jokingly said, “One more photo and we will charge you.”

But he didn’t. Aw… thank you Stunt Man. What do you think? Did he do a good job?


Last but not least… the final shot with the biggest drama. Since the other party had left, Fearless Leader and Mutant Man were forced to capture the shot on their own. They had to risk climbing and posting on the route without proper setup of rope (tsk tsk tsk). And then… someone dropped a QuickDraw down into the crack below. It would seem that the Rockrats are fated to lose gear and equipment to this dreaded place.

Fearless Leader: Why don’t we give up on the picture? 
Mutant Man: NO! We MUST take it! There’s no two ways about it. It’s for the Rockrats!!
Fearless Leader: …


Thank you Fearless Leader and Mutant Man for bringing back the memories. Those were some epic times.

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