Korean Dramas

We have succumbed. DH and I started watching our first Korean Drama a few days ago. With MCO on, we’ve sped through all the new movies and usual TV series that we normally watch. For want of something better to watch, I suggested Crash Landing on You and he agreed.

Most fans would probably have watched this already, but if you haven’t, I guess I ought to insert the mandatory *spoilers ahead* warning.


My girls have been raving about this series and a variety of other Korean Dramas for a while. I honestly wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about, but it wasn’t as if I had anything else better to do. Now that we’ve finished Crash Landing on You, I have to say that I do see the appeal. Actually, more than that – I’m quite impressed.

In an era where entertainment has become more graphic with extreme violence, sex, and nudity, it was incredibly refreshing to watch a series that didn’t rely on these three themes to draw their audience in. I also liked the fact that they went ahead with a strong female character who didn’t have to “settle down, get married, and have children”. The uniting storyline between North and South Korea was also a really nice touch.

Now that Crash Landing on You is over, we’ve been toying with what to watch next. Descendants of the Sun comes highly rated, but I find myself wary of starting on a new Korean Drama. Productivity was at an all-time zero during those days of marathon watching. Well, almost zero since I still managed to work out and get the housework done so that’s something. But there is a kind of “yuck” feeling I get when I’ve been watching the idiot box for too many hours on end. Besides, even if I could put up with that, I’m pretty sure my eyes are going to fall out of my head if we continue in this trend. Perhaps if we followed a more sensible watching schedule…

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