The Return to Gua Damai

Rock climbing around 2

The return to Gua Damai saw the Babes working on a few more routes that brought back fond memories.

Rock climbing around 2

I always thought Redemption Song was the multipitch with a ledge, but according to the old topo of Damai, this is it. I remember the route well because I have an old picture of me standing in the cave at the anchor. Perhaps that was what inflated my confidence over this route. If I could climb it back in those early days of rock climbing, surely I could handle it again now. Evidently, my memory failed me because there was a bulge halfway up the wall that I struggled to get over until I had an “assist” from the belayer.

Rock climbing - Damai 2002

I’d like to tell myself I could have made it up there if I had only swallowed my pride on Permaisuri.

Rock climbing around 2

There are two ways to start the route and pride had me taking the more challenging path.

Rock climbing around 2

After failing to get past the crux, I ended up taking the easy path with my tail between my legs.

Rock climbing around 2

The rest of the route was easy enough – all the way up to the ledge where there is a nice bit of stemming.

Rock climbing around 2

Four routes. That’s all I managed for the day and I was spent. It was terribly discouraging when I could remember a time when four routes was just the warm-up.

Ah well, we’ll be back again.

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