New Exercises on the Wii Fit Plus

Loads of weight loss gurus tell you to focus on the body you desire as a motivating factor to keep you going. If that’s what gets you going then good for you. Unfortunately, all I can think about, when I’m sweating it out to some routine workout program, is that I’m pretty happy with the body I have if it means I don’t ever to workout again. That’s hardly conducive to maintaining a fitness regime.

For me, my motivation is the fun factor and for that you need a workout like the Wii Fit. If you’re doubtful about just how much of a workout you can get from playing games on the Wii Fit, do check out my earlier post on burning calories on the Wii Fit. But even the Wii Fit gets a little boring after a while, so enter the Wii Fit Plus…

In addition to the regular exercises on the Wii Fit, the Wii Fit Plus contains:

3 new yoga exercises

  • Spine Extension

Wii Fit Plus spinal extension

  • Gate

Wii Fit Plus Gate

  • Grounded V

Wii Fit Plus Grounded V

3 new strength exercises

  • Balance Bridge

Wii Fit Plus Balance bridge

  • Single-Leg Reach

Wii Fit Plus single leg reach 1Wii Fit Plus single leg reach 2

  • Side Lunge

Wii Fit Side Lunge 1Wii Fit Side Lunge 2

15 new balance exercises

Wii Fit Plus... New games

  • Perfect 10
  • Island Cycling
  • Rhythm Kung-Fu
  • Driving Range
  • Segway Circuit
  • Bird’s-Eye Bulls-Eye
  • Snowball Fight
  • Obstacle Course
  • Tilt City
  • Rhythm Parade
  • Big Top Juggling
  • Skateboard Arena
  • Table Tilt Plus
  • Balance Bubble Plus
  • Basic Run Plus

So there you go… plenty to keep you going for a while more.


If you missed the earlier exercises, these are the original Wii Fit Exercises: