Calorie Burning on the Wii Fit

G2 has adopted the role of “personal trainer”; he regularly gives me the pinch test. I get the message… it’s time to start working out again. Although I’ll never look like a Maria Kang or a Jung Da Yeon because, let’s face it, I’m too damned lazy, I can try to eat a little healthier and be a little fitter if not for anything other than for my own health and to be a better example to my kids.

So I got back on the Wii Balance Board recently and decided to track one of my workouts on the Polar Beat monitor just to see how well it stacks up against the rowing workouts. Although the Polar Beat tracks an hour long work out, the actual Wii Fit workout time was only 50 minutes because of the waiting time in between workouts. Heart rate averaged at 121 BPM but it spiked up to a maximum of 176 BPM – most likely during the Hula Hoop workout. We burnt a total of 380 calories in 50 minutes which is marginally higher than my 50 minute rowing workouts that average about 330 calories per workout (ranging from as low as 280 up to 370 calories).

Wii Fit Training

The 50 minute Wii Fit workout consisted of:

And this was the intensity breakdown:

Wii fit workout stats

Overall, it was a relatively “light” workout but it is comparable to a rowing session. We could increase the intensity by adding an Island Run or increasing the Hula Hoop session. Even if we don’t, the Wii Fit adds variety to our workout routine which will help to break the monotony and hopefully increase the likelihood that we’ll stick with the workout schedule.