Wii Fit – Back on the Balance Board…

For a few days, I’d been waking up with a bad neck/head-ache. My SIL noticed I was walking crooked so I figured it was time to work on the posture. Part of the problem with a crooked posture is that your body needs to re-learn what feels “straight”. I figured that the best way to train effectively on my own was to get back on the Wii Balance Board.

The Wii Fit offers some interesting balance and yoga exercises that help you to improve your body control. The balance exercises, in particular, helps you fine-tune your proprioception – the internal sense of the relative position of our body’s musculoskeletal units with each other and the effort needed to move them. Training proprioception helps us to be more aware of our posture. In turn, that helps us to correct ourselves when our posture is poor.

Wii Fit has been around for ages, but just in case you were under a rock when they launched, the Balance Exercises as listed below. They look easy but I assure you they are not. If you’ve played them, there will be some muscle memory from previous training – even if it was done years ago (as I discovered). It turns out that my posture isn’t too bad so long as I am making a conscious effort to stand correctly.


The aim of this exercise is to tilt your body left, right and center to head the footballs flying your way. Be careful to dodge the shoes and the panda heads that will make you lose points.


Ski Slalom

Try to ski down the mountain in between the flag poles. Lean forward to speed up. The aim is to get down with the fastest time possible. Penalty will be given if you ski outside the flags.


Ski Jump

Try to get the farthest ski jump. The aim is to position your body so that the red dot aligns with the blue dot in the box at the top right of the screen. Perfect alignment will increase your speed. Lift up quickly before the red line to “jump”. Careful balance on the board while you are in the air will also help you get a farther jump.


Table Tilt

By tilting your body, you will tilt the table to help the ball move. Get the balls into the holes before the time runs out. There are 8 levels to get through before you run out of time.


Tight Rope Tension

Walk across the tight rope as quickly as you can. Jump when the metal teeth chompers approach – but make sure you’re balanced or you will fall off!


Balance Bubble

Navigate your bubble through the obstacle course in the quickest time possible. Watch out for the bees!


Penguin Slide

Lean left and right to move your penguin across the iceberg so you can catch the fish. Don’t lean too far or you will fall off the ice. The aim is to catch as many fish as possible. Catching the special fish gives you extra points.


Snowboard Slalom

Just like the ski slalom but now you’re sideways so you have to lean forwards and backwards to help your Mii navigate down the mountain.


Lotus Focus

Sitting cross-legged on the Wii Balance Board, you have to stay as still as possible to keep the candle burning until the end. Be warned… even the slightest movement will make the candle blow out.


Watch the exercises in action:


Wii Fit Exercises:

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