Calorie Burner – Working Out in the Kitchen!

Every Chinese New Year, my in laws celebrate Pai Ti Kong which is a special Hokkien festival held on the 9th day of Chinese New Year. In the lead up to the event, we have to prepare a variety of foods, like Bee Koh, Ang Ku, Nian Gao, and Mi Ku steam buns.

Chinese New Year Food

My MIL is old-school so we prepare everything the old-fashioned way – with lots of elbow grease. After our last Mi Ku session, my SIL and I joked that it was such a work out that it could surely count as a physical workout session at the gym. Out of academic curiosity, we decided to put it to the test. My SIL strapped on a Polar Beat monitor and we got to work. The work involved kneading two kilos of bread dough and shaping them into little buns. Here’s her work out summary…

Fu-yoh! Dun pray pray... 487 calories burnt making Meeku buns for Pai Ti Kong! There's my workout for the day done!

Yep. A whopping 487 calories burnt in 1 hour. Although I should add that most of the intensity was during the first stage while we were kneading the dough. I think the arms will also testify what an intense arm workout this can be because they usually ache the day after. So yeah… don’t knock the kitchen workout – especially when it involves physically taxing work like kneading bread dough. It can get quite intense in there.