Home-Made Pizza!

The boys really love their pizza. Given the divergent nature of their food interests, pizza is a convenient meal option when we want something that will please them both. Since we’re trying to eat “a little healthier”, the next step forward was to make our own pizzas instead of relying on Pizza Hut.

The problem with anything home-made that you’ve never made before (except for a very long time ago in home economics) is having to find that perfect recipe that will live up to the family’s expectations. This can be surprisingly difficult when they have already been conditioned to prefer the store-bought flavours. Sometimes we need to experiment with different recipes before we find a mix that will agree with the boys. And since we only like recipes that are “quick and easy” to make, it doesn’t really give us a lot to work with.

Home made pizza

Introducing the “lazy pizza dough” recipe from Smitten Kitchen

This recipe is a real gem of a find so make sure you bookmark it! It is really easy to make and it can be prepared the night before or even a few days in advanced if you really want. I reckon you’ll be hard pressed to find a pizza recipe that is easier to make than this. It is also modifiable so you can make wholewheat and gluten-free pizza bases with this recipe. The cooked texture is a perfect cross between the breaded base and the thin-crust pizza – check it out in the photo below…

Homemade Pizza

For the toppings, you can follow the Margherita recipe from Smitten Kitchen, or you choose your own. The best part about home-made pizza is that you can make toppings to suit everyone’s taste buds. The ones featured in the first photo above are Margherita and Pepperoni. I probably should add that Pepperoni pizzas are a bit tricky because they are very dependent on the pepperoni you use. Get the wrong one and it will ruin your pizza.

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