What Do You Do With All That Left-Over Egg White?

The problem with making home-made ice cream is that there is always a lot of egg white leftover… So I went to look up what I could do with all that egg white and here’s what I found…

And for something savoury, you can always try these:

How much is one egg white?

The problem with leftover egg white is that it is usually all dumped into a single container so how do you measure out your egg whites? Obviously, the easiest way is to weigh it and divide it by the number of eggs you used. If you can’t remember, here are some handy guides…

David Lebovitz

1 large egg white = 2 tbsp = 25g

And if you’re really done with egg white, you can just freeze it – just don’t freeze it in one portion or you’ll have a real blast trying to separate frozen egg white…

Joy of Baking

1 large egg white = 30g


1 large egg white = 35g

So I guess a safe bet would be to follow 1 egg white = 30g

I ambitiously planned to make Macarons and an Angel Cake, but we only got around to the Angel Cake. The recipe is in the link above.

Egg white cake...

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