Kitchen Tips: Instant Minced Garlic

garlicChinese cooking requires a lot of minced garlic. Unfortunately, I really hate chopping up garlic. I think it shows because DH complains my minced garlic is more like garlic chunks. Well, that’s because I hate mincing garlic. As far as I’m concerned, near enough is close enough.

As usual, I’m up for anything that makes the process more painless and convenient so I tried to simplify things by pre-mincing my garlic and storing it in the fridge. Unfortunately, that stinks up the entire fridge. Everything else that we store in the fridge ends up tasting like it contains essence of garlic. I even tried the suggestions for storing garlic that claim to eliminate the odour. These include:

  • air tight containers to trap the smell
  • metal containers which are supposed to neutralise the smell
  • keeping charcoal in the fridge to de-odourise the garlicky smell

None of these have worked for me so I have been suffering the bane of mincing garlic on a regular basis.

Kenwood chopperUntil I discovered that storing garlic in oil works a treat. So here’s what I do now…

  • Peel all the garlic.
  • Throw all the cloves into my trusty Kenwood Chopper and mince it.
  • Place the minced garlic in an air-tight container.
  • Add oil until it just covers the garlic.
  • Store the jar in the refrigerator

Whenever you’re cooking Chinese stirfry, just scoop out the necessary amount and Bob’s your uncle.

Important Note: you must refrigerate the jar (or freeze it if you want it to last longer – don’t forget to use ice cube trays so you can take out small portions as and when you need it) because chopped garlic in oil is apparently a growth medium for botulism.

Alternatively, you can use garlic granules like the one manufactured by Masterfoods:



Although the flavour won’t really be as good as the fresh stuff.

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