Home-Made Bento Lunch Box

I’m usually pretty lazy about stuff like this, but since I’m trying to minimise my children’s exposure to food additives, the safest way is to cook at home as much as possible. Aristotle is usually pretty easy since he’ll eat sandwiches. Hercules, on the other hand, is my China boy. He really loves his rice bowl. So we don’t have to rush home for lunch every time, I bought a thermal bento lunch jar so I can pack Hercules some lunch from home and take it along with me. The jar has three containers so I can separately pack rice, soup, and a meat/veggie dish.

Part of the trouble with home-packed lunch is having to make it. I confess I already loathe making dinner so any addition to my time in the kitchen is really undesirable. Luckily, wonders can be done with just a simple crock pot and a multi-functional rice cooker. Here’s what we made yesterday – Bak Ku Teh (one of Hercules’ all-time favourites):

Lunch box for G2

4 thoughts on “Home-Made Bento Lunch Box

  1. i need to get a thermal lunch box too! since ds1 now goes to school 🙂

    i love to cook but not much time for that. but i do make it a point to cook simple meals. im not a good cook nevertheless.
    anyway, do look up what is a thermomix. we have been using it for a year and we have no regrets getting it.

    do share more of your bento lunch box. i need more ideas =)


    1. Sigh… I was looking at the thermomix and my husband said, “What are you looking at that for? You won’t use it!” 😦

      I have been lazy with the bento boxes. I usually make soup, shred the meat from the soup up and mix it all with the rice and voila, that’s lunch. The good thing is that my son loves it.


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