Recipes: Veggies for Dessert

Although we’ve been pretty successful increasing Aristotle’s overall nutrient intake, unfortunately, Hercules has turned into our replacement picky eater. He won’t try anything new that looks suspect. Even the Champs Multi-vitamin that Aristotle loves is having a hard time going down… Despite the fact that he loves Boost Juice, our healthy smoothies haven’t really been working either because he rejects them before I can even get the cup to his lips. Then I had a flash of inspiration – I tried to add a shot of wheatgrass to his Banana Buzz. This was his reaction:

Hercules: Is this Banana Buzz?
Me: Yes.
Hercules: It’s green.
Me: Er… no, it’s yellow (okay, so it was green but it was a yellow/green).
Hercules: It’s smelly.
Me: Really? Are you sure?

Although he really wanted a Banana Buzz, he couldn’t bring himself to drink the Wheatgrass version. Since he wouldn’t drink it, I had to have it. Now I can see why he wouldn’t drink it. The wheatgrass altered the taste of the drink too much and that was why it failed.

I was pondering on how to make a smoothie that I know Hercules would drink and be able to add in his greens without altering the taste of the smoothie when hubby started hankering for a chocolate milkshake. That’s it! I’ll add spinach to his chocolate milkshake. The chocolate brown will mask the green colour and the chocolate flavour should be strong enough to override any residual “green” taste. Besides, if you use baby spinach, the taste is usually pretty mild when it’s eaten raw.

So here’s what we used:

chocolate ice cream

Pop everything into a high powered blender and mix until well blended and combined.

Chocolate Milk Shake

The verdict?

Hercules drank a whole cup of it for “dessert” – hence the name “Veggies for Dessert”.

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