Kitchen Tips: Keeping Rice Weevil-Free



We have a problem with our rice storage – it always gets infested with weevils before we can finish the bag. Perhaps it’s because I don’t cook often enough so we take a really long time to get through it. Plus, our warm, humid weather doesn’t help. I also tried the recommended storage tips:

  • store rice grains in air tight container
  • add garlic cloves to repel weevils

Apparently, black pepper, bay leaves and cloves are also good for repelling weevils.

Recently, I stumbled on the best way yet – freeze our rice grains. Turns out that it is actually a method to prevent weevil-infestation. The recommendation is to freeze your rice grains for a week after purchase to kill the existing eggs. I find it’s easier to just keep them permanently in the freezer so I never have to worry about it. We don’t cook a lot so freezer storage space isn’t really a problem for us anyway.

It was suggested that I thaw out the rice for a bit before cooking it but since I usually set the rice cooker on timer a few hours before hand, this isn’t really a problem for me. I don’t know what happens if you cook it straight from the freezer. Nothing I suppose, but the more discerning palates might be able to detect the differences so you should probably bear it in mind.

For more tips on preventing weevils, check out WikiHow.

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