Cooking for the Undomestic Goddess – Really Easy Proven “Authentic” Recipes

It’s no secret that cooking is not my forte. As a dutiful mother and wife, I have been practicing diligently – sometimes with hits although mostly with misses. The plan was to record all my hit recipes here for other undomestic goddesses to share. I had these grand ideas of taking magazine-worthy photos to boot until I came back to Earth and realised that the odds of me ever recording a recipe if I waited to take my photos would be slim to none.

So here I am just recording the ingredients and basic instructions for making “authentic” Chinese cooking the cheat’s way so that I will have a full repertoire of dishes to cook and there can no longer be any criticisms that I “always make the same thing”. I’ll make no pretense that I go searching for short cuts at every opportunity I get. Neither will I pretend that this is the real McCoy. What you will read here is a simple way to get “acceptable” results. By definition, acceptable here is whatever is agreeable to the fussy tastebuds of my trying husband and two sons.

So here’s what we’ve been working on lately:

The following are my “oldies” but “goodies” that have been time tested and proven and definitely going into my “Undomestic Goddess” recipe book:

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