Angry Bird Fever

When I got the iPhone, I was recommended to download the game app for Angry Birds. The description of the game was: “It’s a meaningless game but extremely addictive and your kids are going to love it!”. Well, with a review like that, why on earth would anyone want to download this game for their kids to get addicted to?

Then hubby’s curiosity got the better of him and we ended up downloading the app just for hubby to play. Next thing I know, Gavin’s playing the game. Then Gareth is playing it. And now we have a set of Angry Birds Backpack Clips for the kids:

angry bird toys

And Gavin has an “A is for Angry” Angry Bird t-shirt:

angry bird t-shirt

And he wants to go watch Angry Birds the movie which I thought was a comic cartoon until I saw the movie trailer. (Sorry Gavin, you can’t watch it).


And Gareth is tottering around saying, “Bird, bird, bird, bird…”

Sigh… we have succumbed to the Angry Bird fever…

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