Pregnancy Exercises Are Important For A Healthy Pregnancy

During pregnancy, many women are unable to decide whether they should do pregnancy exercises or not. They are not sure whether they should exercise at all or exercise in moderation. They also want to know the benefits pregnancy exercises give to them and their unborn baby. In general, there are innumerable benefits of exercise during pregnancy. Exercise not only keep you fit but also affect the development of your baby. Apart from exercise, you can practice yoga and meditation. Before you start with exercise, it will be better if you consult your doctor to ignore any discomfort in the future.

Generally, all pregnancy women can do pregnancy exercises albeit with moderation. These pregnancy exercises help in many ways as you progress in your pregnancy week by week. However it is always advisable to consult your physician, before you start.

Pregnancy Exercises – Types And Benefits

Some of the pregnancy exercises that you can do are walking, swimming, and yoga. Although, there are other forms of exercises also which can be undertaken, you should not indulge in strenuous workouts. In general, pregnant women are advised to exercise 3-4 times a week.

There are various benefits of undertaking pregnancy exercises. First and foremost it reduces the labor time as well as speeds up the recovery time. It also helps in building up of stamina, which helps during childbirth.

Moreover, pregnancy exercises are good and helpful in shedding the extra flab, once the child is born. They also help to keep stress at bay and decrease the risk of a premature birth by at least 50%. In a nutshell we can say that exercising is good for pregnancy health.

Take Care!

While exercising, it is very important that you remain well hydrated. So take care and drink up plenty of fluids before exercising, take a well balanced diet, and avoid over-exertion. Also the moment you feel sick, stop exercising and take rest.

Pregnancy Back Pain And Exercise

More than 50% of the pregnant women suffer from pregnancy back pain. It is generally due to the physical and hormonal changes in the early stages of pregnancy. Sometimes, back pain might be an indication of some other major problem.

Exercising is the best remedy for pregnancy back pain. Walking, pelvic rocking, mini-crunches with bent knees are some good pregnancy exercises. Pregnancy back pain can also be avoided by frequently changing standing or sitting posture.

Finally along with pregnancy exercises, adequate rest and sleep are also essential and contribute to desirable pregnancy health.

By: Apurva Shree
Posted: May 19, 2008

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