Nintendo Wii Rock Climbing

When I first got into the Wii Fit, I recall thinking that it would be so cool if they could develop a rock climbing program.  Well, they have.  Check out these programs that I noticed recently.  Okay, so they’ve been around for a while but I haven’t been keeping tabs so they’re pretty new to me.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Climber:

It’s a pity it doesn’t really train you for real life rock climbing, but I guess the only way to do that is to go climb or to get yourself a wall.  The Active Life: Extreme Challenge offers more than rock climbing.  It looks like a fun game for the whole family.  Unfortunately, with this one, you’ll need the Active Life Mat for Nintendo Wii Outdoor Challenge to play it.

Wii Sports Resort doesn’t have rock climbing, but it’s another interesting Wii game you can bring out for some active family entertainment.