How to Make Your Own Mango Magic Boost Juice

fruit smoothiesWhat’s in it?

The ingredients are all up on the board, really.  So basically, all you need is mango juice, fresh mango slices, a banana, vanilla frozen yoghurt and ice. The key to getting it right is having the right proportions (which we now have thanks to Hannah who used to work there).

Finding the right ingredients:

The TD4 yoghurt is supposed to stand for “to die for” yoghurt but obviously you can’t get that so…  I tried a variety of frozen yoghurt and found the Bulla Frozen Yoghurt to be pretty good.

For the mango juice, I used Berri Mango Nectar.

Although you can go down to your local Boost Juice Bar and get a Mango Magic, the benefit of making your own at home is that it saves you a lot of money and it tastes better. Why does it taste better? Because you choose your own fruits so naturally it will be better.


  • 300 mL mango nectar
  • 1/4 frozen banana
  • 4 x 1cm cubes of frozen mango (an easy way is to get Dole frozen mango chunks)
  • 220g frozen yoghurt
  • 1 scoop ice

bulla-frozen-yogurt-vanillaBerri Mango

For a smooth blend, you should use a high power blender, like a vitamix.


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34 thoughts on “How to Make Your Own Mango Magic Boost Juice

  1. Hi guys, I am going too make this for my mum and step-dad for a breakie drink … hope it works out i will post what they thought 😀 thanks


  2. Hi Bree – the flavour is essentially right. The consistency not quite – it requires a bit more adjustment before it is exactly like the Boost Juice Smoothies.


  3. I have also tried to make mango magics as it’s costing me a fortune! I haven’t quite got the recipe right however for others who are also trying, you need to freeze the fruit (mango and banana). This helps thicken the drink but also surprising adds creaminess (frozen banana does this).


  4. I work at boost juice and I can tell you that the recipe for an original mango magic is as follows:

    300 mL mango nectar
    1/4 frozen banana
    4 pieces mango
    220g TD4 yoghurt
    1 scoop ice


    1. Chloe – ingredients are right. Quantities are wrong. For the quantity, refer to Hannah’s comment. My recipe uses too much fruit and not enough yoghurt/nectar. Depends how you like it.


  5. Can someone share Boost Juice’s recipe for Green Tea Mango Mantra? The first time I drank it, I immediately fell in love with it!!


  6. Thank you very much, I made my first mango magic with my new vitamix i got today, it turned out perfect just like the one i used to buy for almost $10


  7. Thanks Hannah for all your hard work ** throws thanks and appreciation**. Also could u please please please pretty please give us the recipe for Green Tea Mango Mantra and Jeanine’s favourite? Thank you so much!


  8. OMG! Had the green tea mango mantra for the first time. I live out on a cattle property. Its 5 hours to the closest boost juice bar. Please Hannah Please would love the green tea mango mantra recipe. I dream about this drink!!!!


  9. I was about to try Hannah’s recipe, then realised I didn’t have mango nectar. I had apple juice so I added the 300 ml and added 2 more mango cubes to make sure the mango flavour was still there. Definitely recommend 🙂


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