Removing Eyebrow Embroidery

I’m not a girlie girl. I have never been a girlie girl. Once in a blue moon, I doll up – wear make up, put on a nice dress, a pair of heels and some sparklies – but that’s usually for very special occasions like weddings. The last time I scrutinised myself in front of a mirror was years ago. These days, when I look into the mirror, it is usually to play face games with my son and watch him delight in his reflection.  I cannot compare myself to all those Yummy Mummies who still look like they’re in their twenties and whom nobody can believe they have had kids because I know I will never look that good.  I don’t bother going for spas and beauty treatments – in fact, I can count on one hand the number of times I have ever done anything like that in my life.

So what the heck was I thinking when I had my eyebrows embroidered?  Honestly, I don’t know, but I must have been out of my mind.  Not only did I conclude after I had them done that it was the biggest mistake of my life, some four years later, I’m still regretting that decision.  As I said, I’m not a girlie girl.  I am a fuss-free, no-maintenance girl.  That’s right – it’s not “low” maintenance, it’s “no” maintenance.  What happens to embroidered eyebrows that aren’t maintained?  Well, your natural eyebrows grow back and then you just look funny.

After four years of looking funny, I decided it was finally time to get something done about it.  A quick search online revealed that you could get your eyebrows “un-embroidered” and it was apparently easier than removing a tattoo.  Figuring I should go back to where it all started, I went back to Ultimate Impressions (now called Bluunis).  Can you believe they don’t undo eyebrow embroideries?  Yup, you can touch up and get more treatments done, but you can’t remove them – never mind the fact that one of their staff managed to embroider one eyebrow higher than the other to begin with, but who’s complaining?

They asked me if I wanted to touch up my eyebrows.  Touch up?  Touch up?  Didn’t you hear anything I was saying?  I want them gone!

Since I did see it was possible to remove them online I knew it could be done, but where?  It turns out there is another beauty salon in Midvalley Megamall that does it.  They are called Empro.  They have a booth location on the second  floor near Jusco.  To be honest, it isn’t particularly inspiring because it’s so open.  I can’t help but wonder about the hygiene.  Despite the staff incompetence, Bluunis at least invites more confidence as far as infection control is concerned.

So here’s the low down on removing eyebrow embroidery…

It takes 3-5 sessions or more.  Each session is half an hour long.  They will shave off your eyebrows and laser the embroidery to get it off.  After each session, your eyebrows can’t touch water for three days.  For two weeks, it is recommended that you do not eat eggs and seafood because they are supposed to make your scar itchy.  You need to wait at least a month in between sessions.  There is no guarantee that you will be able to completely remove the embroidery but it will appear lighter.  Oh yes, it hurts more than the procedure for eyebrow embroidery.

The irony of it was that the girl said eyebrow embroidery doesn’t hurt.  Are you kidding me?  It was one of the most unbearable experiences of my life!  I had this terrible itch running down my leg but because it was under my skin, I couldn’t even scratch it.  It was so unbearable, my leg was twitching on it own every time the needle connected with my forehead.  I barely survived one session of eyebrow embroidery because of the pain and now you tell me I have to endure more than three sessions of greater pain?  Not to mention I’ll be eyebrow-less for two weeks after each time, and that the whole procedure might not completely remove the embroidery so I might actually be doing all this just to lighten the embroidery?  I think I’ll leave my eyebrows as they are…

What’s the moral of the story?

If you’re planning to embroider your eyebrows, think long and hard before you do.  If you regret it and want to get rid of them, the procedure isn’t quite as simple or painless.

If you’ve already done your eyebrows and are regretting them like me, here’s the quick fix:

Go get yourself and electric eyebrow trimmer.  You can get one from Watson’s.  It’s like an electric shaver for your eyebrows.  You can use them to re-shape your eyebrows and keep them neat.  It’s not exactly maintenance free, but at least it’s pain-free and a lot easier than plucking your eyebrows…

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17 thoughts on “Removing Eyebrow Embroidery

  1. U mustve gotten a tattoo done instead of eyebrow embroidery because everything u just described is very reflective of a tattoo. Eyebrow embroidery doesn’t hurt at all. I know coz I have it done too. Eyeliner tattooing, now that’s a different story. That one hurt like a mother. If eyebrow embroidery hurt you, that means u had it done by some unprofessional person/establishment.

    Nway, removal of eyebrow embroidery doesn’t require any lasering done because the colour fades after a year or two, hence the need to touch up. Removal of eyebrow tattoos would require lasering done.


  2. Pomme – I’m no expert in this area so I really wouldn’t know. But I was told it was eyebrow embroidery. Personally, after having it done, I felt it was no different to getting a tattoo done so I still don’t know what the difference is.

    Well, the establishment is a large chain of beauty salons so I thought they ought to be reputable. But, like I said, I don’t do stuff like this normally, so again, I wouldn’t know.

    Thanks for sharing. I’m sure others who are considering eyebrow embroidery will find this useful to know.


  3. I’m pretty sure it is eyebrow embroidery because I have been having the same problem!!!! I had it done like 3 years ago, got ridiculed (I was 18 and everyone thought I had it tattooed), never touched up ever since and have been praying it fades away — IT NEVER DOES.

    Now I am stuck with faint RED eyebrows wayyyy out of my real brows, and people are constantly telling me my “drawn on brows are a bit too reddish!” – I don’t even know what to tell them. I grew a fringe and hopes it covers it for the rest of my life.


  4. Jane – if removing them aren’t an option, then I would suggest using the eyebrow trimmer to remove the hair that doesn’t follow the embroidery then using a eyebrow pencil to darken the red parts. See if that can mask the red colour.

    Unfortunately, it’s not maintenance free, but at least you have the outline to follow.


  5. Shen-Li – So did you laser your eyebrow embroidery? I am only 20 and having the same issue and I am feeling really frustrated because I can’t imagine living the rest of my life with my eyebrows looking ugly. What I heard about lasering is that the hair around that area might not grow out again and there would be a scar.


  6. MsAnon – I didn’t do it in the end because it required too many sessions and I now have two kids – the youngest is still nursing and very sticky to me so getting someone else to watch him while I go off is difficult. Secondly, they said no guarantee it will go away but it will lighten. Then I’ll also be eyebrow-less for a week every after each laser session. And they said it was going to be more painful than the embroidery (which I thought was agonising already). They didn’t mention the possibility that the hair might not grow out again or that there could be scarring.


  7. hie, reading abt the eyebrow embroidery that u’ll went through, i too hav some similar issue on my eyebrow embroidery story. i hav a very light eyebrows, so seeing the embroidery was so natural n looks thick abit, so i decided to go 4 it. i was told by the beautician dat my eyebrows will look natural after a week. so i waited 4 a week 2 passed by. my eyebrows had some thick dye that peeled off by itself during the 1st week n at dat time i could see hw my eyebrows embroidery will look like. IT WAS BROAD/BIG n above my eyebrows. i call the salon to n told them my inpression on my new look n tey ask me to wait 4 another week. i need so, now its been more ten 3 weeks n its still the same, WHAT SHALL I DO???…. my hubby n my friendz kept on saying my eyebrow is to big n broad 4 my face n make me look like a GUY!! n advice me to make it a bit smaller/ thinner. Wat a disaster!!! im juz hoping something coould be done to atleast lighten the lines without any laser or more pain…..i dont my any home remedies too… plz help me on this.


    1. Wan_nie – the only thing I can suggest is make-up. Have you tried “cover-up” and foundation, then re-drawing your eyebrows?


  8. i am in the same boat with all of you, fuck bluunis….. go to Dr Ko in klang, i have done 3 session with them already and is now very light colour.


  9. Stumbled upon this post after searching eyebrow embroidery removal, I kid you not. I did the same mistake of getting um done when I was 18, and now I have red eyebrows similar to that of a previous comment. Is there really no way of getting rid of um?! And yes, srsly fuck Bluunis, I got mine there too.

    And who is Dr Ko in Klang?


  10. I hate Blunnis too! I did my eyebrow embroidery 2 years ago and now is like reddish colour and worst part, the eyebrow is not same size. (one is thinner and one is thicker)…argh!
    I went to Blunnis and complaint. They just kept quiet and started to convince me to touch up again!
    Really regret of doing it…. >.<


  11. Scary of all these bad experiences… I did eyebrow embroidery too. Not satisfied with it too and when I go back to tell them how I would prefer it… they just tell me that I am not use to it and it would be more natural a month later, ya that broader thicker eyebrow really not natural, I think I look fierce some how… I cut my fringe to but them up :(… I seriously dare not go back for any touch-up. I did mine at ZEN, almost 1K. ;_( Super regretted! Anyway that could lighten it? Sighhh…


  12. I fully agreed of what Shen Li posted. Please don’t visit Bluunis at Mid Valley. They have no skill and not professional. All they want is just your money. I hate the service and my eyebrows. It looks awful.

    Appreciate anyone out there can tell us which eyebrow embroidery shop should go.


  13. I hate mine too ! I regretted so much after doing it coz it doesn’t looked natural at all. People said I looked like Shin Chan. I talked to the beautician and she suggested touch up. She said it’ll looked more perfect after that. But what I wanted now is the color to fade away asap. What shall I do ? Should I touch up or shouldn’t?


  14. I just had eyebrow embroidery done and already regretting. It doesn’t look natural and it is way too long for my liking. I just want it fade away as fast as possible.
    Any advise how I can make it fade faster. Not considering lasering though.
    I really need some help here…


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