Post-Partum Weight Loss – Tip 4: New Clothes

See Tip 1Tip 2, Tip 3.

Losing weight is going to take time so it is important that you get a few items of clothes that you can wear in your current state that you feel good in.

The common mistake a lot of people make is to reserve the clothes shopping for the end.  Since we’re planning to lose weight anyway, why waste money shopping for clothes we aren’t going to wear for long, right?


Working out and losing weight is about feeling good about yourself.  Wearing your pregnant clothes and your hubby’s old t-shirts and shorts are not going to make you feel good about yourself.  Chances are, it will be like the weighing scale problem all over again – it creates the desperate need to lose weight now using rapid and drastic measures that are neither healthy nor long lasting.

Remember, post-partum weight loss should be done slowly.  You should be aiming for a lasting change and to achieve a lasting change, you need to adopt a weight loss program that is sustainable.  In other words, we’re looking for lifestyle changes.  Anything drastic cannot be kept up over the long run.  Eventually, you will revert to your old ways and the weight will come back.

It will take time to reach your end goal so it is important to at least have a few items of clothing that you can wear now that make you feel good about yourself.