Post-Partum Weight Loss – Tip 3: Stay Positive

See Tip 1Tip 2.

I’m afraid we haven’t done much exercise over the pass week except carry Gareth around and play with Gavin.  I did play imaginary trains with him where I was the engine carrying him around the house.  Does that count?

Finding time to work out as a Mum is definitely very challenging.  Last week I had mastitis and two sick boys.  This week, I was sick.  It was also Chinese New Year this week which usually means a lot of familial and social responsibilities.  Nevertheless, we can begin next week anew with my own Chinese New Year resolutions.

One thing I learned during this Chinese New Year which I thought made a great tip as far as those desiring to lose weight are concerned is this:

  • Stay away from people who make you feel bad about yourself.

Who are those people?  Mine would be my husband’s second aunt. I believe the first thing she said to me when she saw me over CNY was: “Wow!  You are fat!  You’re so fat!”

Could she possibly have been any less blunt?  Didn’t she notice the baby in my arms?  Has she forgotten that I just pushed out a baby not that long ago?

Anyway, I think you know the kind of people I mean – anyone who has anything negative to say about you that is not at all constructive in any way.  These are the people you should avoid like the plague.

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