Post-Partum Weight Loss – Tip 1: Throw Away the Scales

Okay, so your tummy has the stretchmarks from hell, the cellulite of an orange peel and the skin flabbiness of a Shar Pei.  It’s been two and a half months since you delivered your baby and you’re still x kgs over your pre-pregnant weight.  You’re breastfeeding 24/7 and the weighing scales still refuse to budge.  What’s going on?

Don’t worry, it’s normal.  Remember it took 9 months to gain the weight so don’t expect it to disappear in just two and a half months.  You aren’t a supermodel and you don’t have Demi Moore’s personal trainer.

The first order of the day is to throw away the weighing scales.  Or at the very least, resist the urge to get on it everyday.  If you must weigh yourself, then do so once a week.  Anything more frequent than once a week is more likely to measure body fluid fluctuations and will not necessarily be a true indication of weight loss or gain anyway.

Don’t get too focused on how much you weigh as it increases the temptation to employ drastic, non-permanent weight loss tactics in order to watch that needle drop.  The aim should be healthy, permanent weight loss and the ultimate goal is to be fit and healthy.

At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what you weigh but how you feel about yourself and the confidence you feel about how you look.  Get this part right and your post-partum weight loss program should be a breeze.  Make sure you have fun along the way and you won’t even realise how long it took to get to your journey’s end.

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