Pregalates – Pilates During Pregnancy

With the increasing occurrence of back pain arising due to the pregnancy, I decided it was time to think about doing some Pilates. Since it hasn’t been easy to get to Fitfor2 these days with a limited schedule and a far too active toddler, I decided to look for some “reliable” exercise DVDs for pregnancy.

Since there are a number of things that pregnant women need to be careful about when exercising, particularly certain positions and moves that we need t avoid, I didn’t want to follow just any exercise DVD. To stay on the safe side, I figured I had better get some pregnancy specific DVDs.

A quick search online found me Pregalates which is a series of Pilates workouts for pregnant mothers. It comes in a set of four DVDs – one for each trimester and one postnatal workout to help mothers regain their pre-pregnancy size. Since I was approaching the end of my second trimester, I decided to get only the third and fourth discs in the series the third trimester and postnatal workouts.

I received my Pregalates DVDS not a moment too soon, for I had just started developing leg cramps! To my surprise, I was sent the entire DVD set – the 1st trimester and 2nd trimester workouts included. I’ll evaluate those workouts after I deliver Gareth, but looking at them, they seem pretty challenging even if you aren’t pregnant. Definitely a good way to get into fitness post-delivery.

A great feature about Pregalates is that Tasha Lawton, the instructor, is also pregnant in the videos. As she takes you through each trimester, she is also experiencing the corresponding trimester of pregnancy. The DVDs were recorded at various points during her own pregnancy.

A good pregnancy workout tells you what you can and shouldn’t be doing. It also offers easier options if you can’t manage the regular workout, and frequent reminders not to work too hard and overheat which can be dangerous for the baby.

I’ve only done one session of Pregalates, but I really like it. I’m glad I bought the series. You can take a sneak peak at the workout in the following video clips:

Pregalates for First Trimester:

Pregalates for Second Trimester:

Pregalates for Third Trimester:

Postnatal Pregalates:

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