Wii Fit – Balance Exercises Part 2

Continuing on with the balance exercises, we have the Ski Slalom exercise.  If you’ve ever was Slalom on TV, then you should already have an idea of what you’re supposed to do.


There are two levels of difficulty – beginner and advanced.  The task is pretty straightforward – ski down the slope as fast as you can, making sure you pass between the red and blue flags.  Miss one and you get a 7 second penalty added on to your final time.  It is better for you to go slower and get through all the flags than to go fast and miss a flag because 7 seconds is a very hefty penalty that seriously affects your final time.


To go faster, you need to lean forwards and make sure your red dot is in the blue area of the box below your speed reading.  Obviously, leaning left and right takes you in those directions.


I don’t really have any special tips for excelling in this game except – practice, practice, practice!

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