Wii Fit – Balance Exercises Part 1

Continuing on from my last post about the cardio exercises on the Wii Fit, here is the first of the balance exercises available.


It is called “Heading” and the aim is basically to headbutt as many soccer balls that come your way as possible. Every subsequent ball you hit in a row increases your score by an additional 1.  For instance, the first ball you hit scores 1 point; the second ball you hit in a row scores 2 points; the third 3 points; and so on.  If you miss a ball, you start back at 1 point.


This is what the screen looks like.  You have a ghost image of yourself so you can see where your head is relative to the on coming ball.  The balls generally come left, right or center, so you have to adjust your body weight accordingly to headbutt the ball.

You start with 80 balls and you try to headbutt as many as possible.  At the same time, they will also throw shoes and panda bear heads at you which you should try to avoid.  Each shoe that connects with your head loses you 1 point.  Each panda bear head you accidentally headbutt loses you 3 points.

There are two levels to this game – a beginner’s level and an expert level (which is only released to you once you complete a certain number of attempts at the beginner’s level).  The expert level starts with more balls (I forget how many), it plays more quickly and they also throw more shoes and pandas at you.


At the end of the game, you get a ranking.  This screen was captured from our attempts in Australia.  A perfect score for the beginner’s level is 555.  The best I’ve scored so far is 506.

This game takes quite a bit of coordination and I was dreadfully hopeless when I first started.  I think my first score ever was 40, or thereabouts.  Even hubby managed to score close to a hundred on his first attempt.  I find the hardest part is headbutting the balls that come straight on to the center because I have a tendency to lean a little to the right or left.

I initially disliked this game because I was so bad at it, but like all other games, with practice comes improvement and with improvement comes a natural enjoyment for the game.

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