Wii Fit: Cardio – Rhythm Boxing

I never got a chance to try this one when I was in Australia because I couldn’t find my Dad’s nun-chuck but I did finally get around to it recently.  I have to say that I really love it!


Rhythmn boxing has three activity levels – beginner (3 minutes), intermediate (6 minutes) and expert (10 minutes).  Each level is released after completion of a certain number of trials of the beginner level.  Similar to the step, the key to scoring well in this is to time your punches just right so that you are punching when they tell you to punch.  How hard you punch doesn’t really factor into it as you can get a “good” punch even if you don’t strike hard.

They show you the rhythm and punch pattern first using your “coach Mii” and then you have to copy the moves, usually repeating each sequence 3 times.  The punch patterns are broken up in short sequences so you don’t need to stress your memory too much to remember, although the intermediate and expert activity levels do have some pretty funky moves that had me stumped for a while.  Then again, my recall for such things has never been all that good.

At the end of the exercise, they give you 10-15 seconds to punch has fast as you can – 10 seconds for the beginner level, 15 seconds for the intermediate and expert level.  Now this part really gets your cardio going.  I find that with the 15 second round, it is all I can do to keep punching until time out.

The day after I first tried Rhythm Boxing, I was really aching in my upper body.  Most of the time, I don’t ache after working out on the Wii Fit, but this one, I really felt!  I think I should have suspected something was up when I found myself struggling to carry my son for an extended period while shopping.  I could have sworn he felt heavier and that my arms were protesting more than usual.

Previously when I said that the Hula Hoop was the only cardio exercise that I felt I got a real workout from, that was because I hadn’t tried Rhythm Boxing.

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