Wii Fit – Cardio Exercises Part 3

If you don’t like Step, then Jogging might just be the thing for you.  You don’t need the Wii Board for this activity – just the Wii Remote.  As you get better, you can increase the distance.  If you don’t like to run alone, you can opt to do the two player running (which is another cardio exercise on its own).

Just as it states in the screen shot below, you simply put the Wii Remote into your pocket and jog on the spot.  If you don’t have a pocket, it says you can hold the Wii Remote.  I do suspect, however, that the sensor is not as accurate if you run holding the Wii Remote in your hand.  I could run at the same pace and find my Mii character’s pace moving faster and slower depending on how I swung the Wii Remote in my arms.  I believe you get better tracking if you put the Wii Remote in your pocket.


You are supposed to run at 60% speed which you can gauge based on the speed of the Mii character running in front of you.  You’re not supposed to pass him so pace yourself accordingly.  If you quicken your pace, he will run faster.  Likewise, if you slow down, he will also slow down.  If you start off too quickly, you’ll get a warning about it at the bottom of the screen.


If you have a huge plasma TV with the fan going, you could probably simulate the impression of running out in the open.  That’s kind of nice if you live in a city where running outdoors isn’t very friendly (e.g. like where we live – no footpath, lots of pollution) – not that this is a problem in Melbourne, where my parents live.


If you stop running, the Mii character in front of you will also stop to wait for you.  At the bottom of the screen, you’ll seen a distance bar to show you how far you’ve gone and how much more there is to go.


Personally, I thought it was fun while the novelty lasted but after you’ve been through the running circuit once or twice, it gets a bit boring so I didn’t play it again.  I still find the Hula Hoop and Step more fun.

The rest of the other cardio programs consist of two boxing programs – one is Rhythm Boxing (shown in the screen shot below) – and Free Step.  I didn’t get around to trying either of the boxing programs because I couldn’t find my Dad’s Nun-chuck which you need to attach to the Wii Remote so it can register the movements of your other arm.  From what I hear, it is a lot of fun, though.


They also have a program called Free Step which is simply Step Basic which you can do while watching another program on TV.  You step up and step down leading with the right foot until you hear a click on the Wii Remote that indicates it is time to lead with your left foot.  Kind of boring, actually.


Aside from the Hula Hoop and Step, most of the fun exercises are really in the Balance Programs, which I’ll write more about in the following posts. They also have Cardio – Boxing.

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