Wii Fit – Cardio Exercises Part 2

As I mentioned in my previous post, the Hula Hoop can be a pretty intense cardio workout.  If you want something a little more friendly, you should start with the Step Basic.


The key to this exercise is rhythm and timing. Believe it or not, my Dad totally thrashed my high score on his first attempt!  For a while there we had this competitive thing going.  When I left Australia, I gave him a nice little high score to beat.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s already knocked me off the board by now…


To score well, you need to step onto the board at the right time to score a “perfect”.  If your timing is slightly off, you’ll score an “ok”.  If you miss completely, you’ll score a “miss”.  At the end of the routine, there will be a tally of the number of “perfects”, “oks” and “misses” and a total score to determine where you rank.  It is a little like that dance game that was really popular in the 90s where you had to step on a dance pad in time to the music and the arrows – I forget what it was called.


They run a series of footprints shown in the screen above and you have to step on the board with the correct foot in the right position.  Once you’ve mastered Step Basic, it’s time to move on to Step Plus which is exactly the same as Step Basic but more complicated.  The routine is longer, incorporates more tricky moves and is faster.


Personally, I felt that once I had the hang of Step Plus, it was actually easier than Step Basic.  Because Step Basic was a lot slower, I often tended to step off the Wii Board before it was time and scored a lot of “oks”.

I’m not sure why, but hubby and my SIL often had problems registering their steps.  For instance, they would step on but the board wouldn’t detect their step and count it as a “miss”.  I thought at first it was because the Wii Board was losing its sensitivity, but whenever I used it, I never had that problem.  I suspect it might be due to where you step on the board.  The board is divided into two squares with a groove running down the middle.  I think you need to step completely into the left or right square and if your foot is out of position, it registers as a “miss”.

The other cardio workout I tried was the jogging work out.  More about that in the next post.

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