Wii Fit – Cardio Exercises Part 1

Continuing on from my previous posts on Muscle exercises, the basic Wii Fit program has nine aerobic exercise options, but in reality there is only really five different exercises, because they have repeats.  For instance there is a Hula Hoop exercise and a Super Hula Hoop exercise which is just a more challenging version of the Hula Hoop exercise.


Today, I’m going to review the Hula Hoop exercise.  As you can see from the screen shot above, I only got around to trying out three of the programs – the Hula Hoop (both levels), Step (both levels) and the single person jogging exercise.  Although I haven’t tried all the aerobic exercises, I reckon the Hula Hoop exercise is the most exhausting out of the ones I did try.


The aim of this exercise is to swing your hips in a circular motion as if you really are doing the Hula Hoop.  It sounds easy but don’t let that fool you.  The challenge is to swing your hips around in a circle as many times as possible within the set time limit that they give you.  It seems easy enough initially but once you start hitting the higher levels, it takes just about all you’ve got just to beat your last score.  It runs for only two minutes but we would all collapse in exhaustion into the nearest chair the moment the buzzer sounded.


If you look at the screen shot above, you’ll notice two other people on the screen.  Every so often, they will throw a Hula Hoop at you for you to “catch” by leaning left or right depending on which character throws the hoop.  Every additional Hula Hoop you successfully catch will help you clock additional loops for your score.  You can only catch up to five hoops around your waist and they will only throw the extra hoops once you have got the existing hoops swinging at optimum speed.

The key to getting a high score in this is really in the technique.  Making large circles with your hips will get your hoop spinning at optimum speed more quickly than smaller circles.  If your circles are too small, your hoop will fall down.  Obviously, the faster you get your hoops to optimum speed the better because you’ll get an additional hoop which will help you score higher.  If you’re gunning for a high score, you should also realise that you can spin faster in one direction than in the other (e.g. I spin faster clockwise rather than anti-clockwise).

This is an intense exercise and if you haven’t been doing cardio for a while, I strongly suggest you go easy on this one.  When I first started, I was swinging my hips so hard, that I was unconsciously straining my neck.  I didn’t link my neck pain to the Hula Hoop exercise until I attempted to better my SIL’s high score.


Even more challenging is the Super Hula Hoop.  It is exactly the same as the Hula Hoop exercise but longer.  It comprises of two parts.  In the first segment, you have to swing clockwise.  In the second segment, you have to swing anti-clockwise.  If just working the Hula Hoop is raising your heart rate to alarming levels, I reckon you should forget about this one for a while and try something lighter like the Step.  More on that in my next post.

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