Muscle Exercises on the Wii Fit

Continuing on from my last post on Wii Fit, these are the muscle exercises you can do with the basic Wii Fit disc:


When you first start off, they only allow you to do a set number of repetitions for each exercise.  Again, only four exercises are available to you when you begin.  Once you clock in the time in your fit piggy, you’ll be allowed to do more reps and the more challenging exercises.

Similar to the yoga poses, the Wii board detects changes in your center of gravity or weight shifts to determine whether you are doing the exercises correctly.  Unfortunately, the Wii board can only do so much since it is in a single dimension.  It’s very easy to “cheat” and score well even if you can’t do some of the exercises properly. In fact, you can “cheat” in many of the Wii Fit exercises just to get a good high score, although that really defeats the purpose of the exercise.

For instance, the abdominal workout (second from the right on the top row), all you need to do is tap your feet onto the Wii board at the appropriate times and it will assume you have completed one rep perfectly.  With exercises like this one, it is easy to score 100% with little to no effort and poor form.

To help you achieve a more thorough workout, the program will suggest that you complete other exercises in addition to the one you have selection to achieve a more effective workout.  For instance, they might suggest you complete the single leg lift with one of the yoga poses.

Each exercise usually takes about 1-2 minutes to complete on the most basic setting.  So once you’ve unlocked all the yoga and muscle exercises, just going through them all once will take you about an hour.

More on the aerobic exercises in the next post.

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