Wii Fit Exercises – Yoga

As I promised in my earlier post, here’s part two on the Wii Fit:

As I mentioned before, there are 4 different categories of exercises that you can select from – yoga, muscle, aerobic and balance.


They are mostly all done using the Wii remote controller and the Wii board (pictured below). The Wii board is pretty small. It is about half the size of a regular step board that you would use in Step Aerobics and the height of one step block.


Under the “yoga” exercises, there are 15 different yoga poses that you can work on. When you first sign in, only four are available. As you continue to add more time to your Fit Piggy, you will unlock new yoga poses. The picture below is after several hours of play after I’d unlocked all the poses.  You should be able to recognise some of the yoga poses from the pictures below – warrior, tree, down-dog, cobra, shoulder-stand, triangle, king of the dance, etc.


Before you begin, you have to select a trainer.  You can choose either to have a male or female trainer.


You can opt to change trainer at any time.


Once you’ve selected the yoga exercise that you want to do, you can chose to run a tutorial on the pose or go straight to practicing the pose. The first time you attempt the pose, they will automatically run the tutorial to explain what you have to do. You can choose to view your trainer in all directions so you know exactly how to do the pose. This is great for beginners because it helps you learn the pose correctly.


While you are performing the pose, they’ll give you a target to achieve.  For instance, they’ll show you a square box and ask you to keep your center of gravity in the blue area.  There will be a red dot tracing a path of your center of gravity to show you how you’re going.  Once you have completed the pose, you will get a score out of 100% to let you know how you’ve performed.  Based on your percentage, you’ll get a rating of 1 to 4 stars and get ranked on the high score board.  You can use your ratings and percentage to compete against yourself.  Alternatively, you can target to beat another person’s score – which I think is much more fun.

Next post – Muscle exercises.

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