Week Four: Day 1 – Total Yoga Flow Series (Fire)

There is something significant about being able to maintain your workout program for the first month.  It’s like quitting a bad habit and until you hit that specific target, your chances of failure are still very high.  In this case, the likelihood of dropping the program decreases the longer you are able to stick with the program.  After a while, you won’t feel “right” unless you get your regular boost of adrenaline.

Well, I’m officially in week four and we’re off to a good start.  Today I did a 50 minute workout following the Total Yoga: Flow Series – Fire.

Total Yoga Fire

Actually the total workout is really 60 minutes, but I didn’t know that.  I thought it would be about 45 minutes like the other two discs.  If I had known it was going to run for 60 minutes, I would have chosen another workout because my son skipped his afternoon nap and was awake for the entire workout.  I tried for the longest time to get him to sleep without success and gave up in the end when I was started to get frustrated with him.  I figured a nice yoga workout would help relax me – and it did, somewhat.

Gavin was really good about letting me workout and kept himself occupied for a large part of the workout.  Towards the end, as he started to get restless (and who could blame him with such a long workout), he started climbing all over me.  That really didn’t help since I barely had enough strength to perform a controlled chaturanga let alone do one with a 12.5kg toddler on my back. 

Aside from the fact that Fire was 60 minutes long, it was also a lot harder compared to the first two discs Earth and Water.  Although I could manage the moves, doing them all in sequence was extremely tiring.  My arms were like jell’O and trembling and I’m sure my form was rather poor towards the end purely because I was too tired to hold my postures correctly.  I had to do the easier modifications for some moves – like the headstand and the bridge (though I’m sure I could have done the latter if my arms had felt stronger).  I was worried about crashing down on my head so I went with the easier option instead.

I would definitely have to agree that this disc is designed for much more advanced students.  Note to self: let’s not try this again in the near future.  Nevertheless, it felt really good to push the limits of my arms.  Most of the other Yoga workout DVDs I have mainly focus on core and lower body.  Then again, most of the other Yoga workout DVDs I have aren’t taught by proper yogis.  They are done by popular workout instructors who’ve jumped on the yoga bandwagon and decided to add a yoga workout to the list of their existing titles.

Ironically it was reading yesterday’s article in the papers that sparked this deeper interest in yoga.  And to think that if they had not brought it to my attention I would have been content to simply follow the basic yoga routines taught by the normal fitness instructors instead of looking further for a purer yoga workout. 

Although I haven’t found the perfect yoga workout DVD yet, I did stumble across this yoga site that teaches you the different asanas complete with explanation of benefits and photos for correct positioning.  They also offer free workout videos sent to your inbox every month – which is great except that I don’t have a laptop to workout in front of.  I’ll still require a DVD or VCD that I can play in the DVD player.

Strangely, the sensation I felt after todays workout when I watched Ganga White and Tracy Rich in some very challenging poses was somewhat similar to the sensation I felt when I watched Mutant Man climbing a 6A route in Damai back when I was a newbie climber.  Back then, I had thought to myself, “Wow!  I’ll never be able to climb something like that!”  Now I find myself thinking, “How will I ever get good enough to do those poses?”  And when I think of how far beyond 6A I went in my rock climbing, I try to use that inspiration to quell the negative feelings of inadequacy in yoga.

I might not be able to rock climb these days, but perhaps yoga can be a temporary fill-in until I can climb again?

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