Week Three: Day 4 – Pilates 10 Minute Solution

I took my son to Midvalley Megamall and The Gardens today and bought myself a set of 2 pound hand weights for about RM17.  Since I had the new hand weights, I decided to deviate from the plan to make this week a yoga week and try out the sculpt session on the Pilates 10 Minutes Solution DVD.  I’m not sure that the additional 2 pounds of weight did anything to toughen up the workout because I didn’t feel any different using the weights compared to the day I did the same workout without the weights.  Maybe I should have bought a heavier set?

Looks like I’ll have to maintain my previous belief that pilates is easier than yoga…

Anyway, I followed the same routine I did previously – Pilates Abs (10 minutes), Pilates Sculpt (10 Minutes) and Pilates Burn (10 Minutes) – while Gavin slept.  In beween I was interupted by Gavin waking up to nurse and my brother calling from China requesting some urgent faxes.  All in all, it may have been a 30 minute workout but from start to finish, I took about two hours.  I wonder if working out in this manner is as effective as working out for half an hour straight because it was as if I worked out for 5 minutes, took a break, then worked out for another 8 minutes, took a break, etc.

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