Rock Climbing for Kids at Kizsports 1Utama

Although Gavin is too young to climb at Camp 5, I’ve discovered another climbing wall that he can try out at Kizsports in 1Utama.  Kizsports is located in the old wing near Jusco Department store.  It’s on Level two above Toys ‘R’ Us and Marks and Spencer.

I took Gavin to Kizsports on Tuesday initially intending to wear him out with vigorous play activities and was pleasantly surprised to find the mini rock climbing wall.  Actually, it’s more like a small boulder wall but big enough for a child to get a taste for bouldering.  I tried to get Gavin to climb but he wasn’t feeling particularly adventurous that day.  I even climbed on the wall to show him how it was done but he didn’t want to copy Mummy like he normally does.  Perhaps a few more visits will help warm him up to the sport, or perhaps being able to watch other kids climb might help.

I didn’t climb much – just up the wall and to the right which was probably about four moves in total – but it was enough to kill my hands.  It’s amazing how two years without climbing has really softened my hands. Gone are the callouses that used to offer me some measure of protection against the harshness of an artificial handhold. 

I have a feeling getting back into climbing this time is going to be a lot more painful than I had anticipated.  I saw my old climbing shoes some time back when I was searching through the shoe cupboard for a pair of shoes and I’m not even sure I can cram my feet back into them if they were two sizes bigger.  The callouses on my toes have gone, too, and the black toenail has returned to a normal colour.  It is only when I reflect back to my climbing days that I realise the trauma I put my body through.  Then again, the euphoria of the sport tended to dim the senses somewhat so I guess that’s why I never really noticed until now.

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