On Dodgy Postal Services

After waiting two months with not a peep from the mailman about my order of Signing Time DVDs, I’ve come to the inevitable conclusion that it isn’t caught up in customs, but that it’s lost, stolen or otherwise.  I wrote to Signing Time to ask what could be done and they suggested I check with the local post office.  I did, and got the standard reply – no tracking number, cannot help.

I was devastated.  $500 worth of DVDs and they went missing!

I wrote back and asked what could be done.  Signing Time agreed to send me a new set for free as long as I paid for the delivery charges.  I agreed.  This time I asked for them to send it by DHL Express so I can track it.  The cost of delivery might be more expensive, but at least someone’s accountable for delivering my parcel.

In the meantime, there’s no more heavy duty online shopping for me.  Only items that fit into small boxes that won’t attract the unwanted curiosity of some dodgy character in the postal service or pay extra for the added postal security.

And while we’re on the topic of dodgy postal services…  My SIL2 sent a present to her boyfriend in the UK some time back – a hand made t-shirt, some sweets and a card through regular mail.  The only thing that arrived was the card.  Beat that!

As much as I get high off the arrival of a nice little parcel through the mail, I think the disappointment of non-arrival just isn’t worth it.

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