Skin Sensitivities

It is always a real pleasure to read comments from readers who have found the information from my blogs useful.  Carline had the same allergic reaction as I did to Dove body wash but didn’t realise the cause until she read my blog post.  Having eliminated the use of Dove, the hive reaction she had has gone. 

Since stopping the use of Dove body wash, I haven’t experienced the hive reaction either.  I forgot to mention that I’m back on the shea butter moisturiser from the Body Shop with no allergic reactions so I guess we can safely say that it was purely the Dove products that was causing the hives. 

And while we’re on the topic of allergenic products, my MIL mentioned a recent article that advised against wearing China Made clothes because of the chemicals that were used in their production (note: the link is to an older article about unsafe levels of formaldehyde in China-made clothes – I don’t have the link to the article my MIL referenced). 

Well, if we’re planning to eliminate all clothes made in China, I think we’d better start thinking about home-made clothes because there aren’t very many clothes out there that aren’t made in China.  If I’m not mistaken, almost everything in my wardrobe would be made in China.

My hubby has always made it a habit to wash all his new clothes before wearing them.  After reading that article about unhealthy levels of formaldehyde used to protect new clothes from mildew and whatnot, it looks like hubby wasn’t being fastidious after all.  In fact, I think it’s a good practice to adopt – looks like I’ll be washing all my new clothes from now on.


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