What Happened to My DVDs?

On the 19 of August, I got some retail therapy and bought the entire Signing Time DVD collection to complete Gavin’s ASL DVD collection.  It’s now some six weeks since I placed the order and I have yet to receive my DVDs.  The first time I bought Signing Time DVDs online, they arrived in about three weeks and everything was in order.  Since I had no problems receiving the DVDs, I didn’t think there would be a problem if I ordered the rest of the series.

Since Gavin and I enjoyed the series so much, I figured I might as well get everything together and save on shipping as I was sure I would end up buying the whole set anyway.  According to the website, international shipping should only take about 6-10 days.  When I didn’t receive anything in the mail after three weeks, I wrote to Two Little Hands and enquired after the DVDs.  They told me that sometimes it can take some time to clear customs and to write again if I still hadn’t received the DVDs by the middle of October.

Well, mid October is fast approaching and my DVDs are still nowhere to be seen.  I decided to do a little online research about ordering DVDs online to Malaysia and discovered that large DVD orders can sometimes get held up.  Typically, anything that comes in a big box or with a listed value above RM500 often get held up.  Dang!  I wish I had read about this before I ordered so many DVDs at once.  And here I was trying to save money on delivery charges and in the end I’m going to have to pay it back in import taxes!

The funny thing is that I haven’t heard anything from the customs office about my DVDs.  If they have any issues with my delivery, they should have sent me a letter to notify me that my shipment was being held at customs.  At least this is what happened to others who ordered DVDs online which were held up at customs.  There’s still another ten days to go before mid October so there’s still hope that I might get lucky and receive my parcel in the mail.  Let’s hope that happens…

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