The Rockrats History

I’ve been down and out with a case of food poisoning so there hasn’t been any exercise for me over the last few days.  During one of my nightly episodes, I started mulling over the memories and I realised that I have never written about how the Rockrats got their nicknames.  So if you’ve ever wanted to know the story, here it is…

Thin Man – for obvious reasons.  You only have to see his picture to realise why he was dubbed “thin man”.  I don’t think I have ever met a guy who has a smaller waist size than I do.

Small Person – also for obvious reasons.  For such a little person, she really makes up for it with some very clever climbing tricks.

Simian Boy – well, it was originally Sim City which was a pun on his name, but I thought Simian Boy was more apt.  Don’t let that innocent face fool you – just check out those Pop-Eye arms of his.

Mutant Man – has a vestigial sixth toe (well, okay, so it’s more like a little nodule on the side of his foot) which we used to joke was the reason why he could climb so well despite not having as much practice as the rest of us.

Lelek Le Grunt – also for obvious reasons although you need to be present during a climb to observe (or rather hear) it.  You can tell Le Grunt’s on the wall from a mile away just based on his “grunts”.

Holdbreaker – is a real bomber belayer and also a great tester to check if the anchor can hold your weight – because if it can hold his, it can definitely hold yours.  Holdbreaker was dubbed so because he broke not one, not two, but several holds during the course of the Rockrats’ climbing history.

Fearless Leader – ploughs on to uncharted territories when no other Rockrat dares to.  Without Fearless, we probably would never have attempted to climb “Water on the Rock” at Damai and would probably still be climbing the 5Cs.

Cover Boy – well, just take a look at that pretty face and that should be clue enough for this nick.

Combat Girl – due to my signature helmet that I started wearing to all our climbs.

5C Master – after his famous quote “I’m gonna be the best damned 5C climber there ever was!”

Moo Moo Girl – the girl has bull strength!  Don’t mess with this one!

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