Dove Body Wash is 1/4 Moisturiser

Dang!  I was just taking a look at the back of the Dove body wash bottle this morning and it does state “1/4 moisturiser” so I’m going to have to retract what I said my previous post about the moisturising properties…  Looks like the info I got from that product manager is either entirely false or outdated.

However, I still maintain that Dove body wash is antigenic – at least it is for me and the hubby because we can’t use it without developing rashes and hives.  This was the variant I used:


I haven’t tried the other variants, but after this experience, I don’t think I’m feeling particularly curious to test it out.  Although, a long time ago, I used to use their original variant – the first body wash they introduced – and I didn’t seem to have any problems using it… 

I’ve also noticed on their website that they have a hypoallergenic variant which I probably might have tested but they don’t sell it here. 

As far as I can remember, I have only ever had allergies to three other skin products besides this recent episode – the first was to a sunscreen lotion (which I forget the brand now); the second was to Nivea body lotion; and the third was to NuSkin’s 180 Anti-Aging face wash. 

Now I feel I have to add a qualifier to that latter.  I have heard complaints from others bout NuSkin’s 180 Anti-Aging skincare range causing sensitivity, but I was also told that they reformulated the product and the new formation is kinder to the skin.  Additionally, I only sensitised to the product after it was exposed to high temperatures (in other words, it was in my toiletries bag which I left in the boot of the hubby’s car while he was running around town seeing his customers).  It is possible that the product’s composition was affected by the sun, however, I’m not about to buy another tube to test out this hypothesis, so if you happen to have any experience using it, feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below.

Being the sort of customer that most companies love and hate, I’ve tried and tested quite a number of the products out there purely because I love to try new things and because I have zero customer loyalty when it comes to testing out new products.  I haven’t noticed any problems with other products so I believe that my skin isn’t really the sensitive type.  The fact that I have sensitised to some ingredient in Dove and Nivea would suggest that those products tend to be harsher than other products on the market.


2 thoughts on “Dove Body Wash is 1/4 Moisturiser

  1. Interesting… I wondered at first if it is specifically this variant that contained something antigenic within it, but I think perhaps it is the whole Dove range because I can’t use the shampoo either and my hubby also gets hives from using the other variant.


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