Body Shop Products Not Hypoallergenic

The Body Shop recently had a huge sale with up to 70% off all their merchandise.  Taking advantage of the sale, I discovered some really affordable shea butter creams for the skin condition I have, called Keratosis Pilaris.  Having been told a long time ago by the dermatologist that there is no cure for this condition, I have long given up the hope of having flawless skin.  When I discovered I could reduce the effects by applying an emollient such as shea butter, I was naturally quite agreeable to giving it a go.

Recently, I started developing hives on my arms and legs.  I strongly suspect my skin has sensitised to something present in the shea butter by the Body Shop – I’ve been using the Pomegranate variant.  I have since stopped using the Body Shop Shea Butter to test my theory and have yet to come to a conclusion on the cause of my hives.

To be fair to the Body Shop, I’m not entirely certain it is due to the Shea Butter I’ve been applying.  It could also just be an ingredient unique to the Pomegranate variant that is causing my hives, in which case, using the plain shea butter variant should correct the problem.  The best way to test is to do a patch test on a small part of my skin – I’ve read that the under arm is a good area to test because the skin there is a little more sensitive being less exposed and keratinised.

It comes as a bit of a surprise if my hives are indeed due to the Body Shop Shea Butter.  I don’t know why but I’ve always thought that if there were any skin product that would be extra gentle to the skin, it would be Body Shop products.  Perhaps I’ve made the mistake of construing that kind to the animals and environment would kind to all human skin.

Looks like I’m going to have to find another emollient for my skin.  Anyone got any recommendations on what I can use instead?


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