The Changing Climbing Scene in Malaysia

It’s been over two years since I’ve been to a climbing gym and three years since I’ve climbed outdoors.  Where I once used to be on top of all the latest news in the Malaysian climbing scene, a quick surf around on the internet has revealed that I am now sadly out of touch with all the latest happenings.

These are the changes I have discovered:

Climbing Equipment:

There is now an All Sports in 1Utama, and a newer and bigger UFL Outdoors has moved to Bangsar.

Climbing Gyms:

Summit Gym

I can’t remember where I read it, but I recall reading somewhere about Summit Gym moving their premises to a new location.  I can’t seem to verify the information since their website hasn’t reported anything of the sort.  Could be a work in progress – any Malaysian climbers out there able to reveal anything more about this?

Putrajaya Challenge Park

Located in Taman Selatan of Putrajaya, Presint 20, this project was undertaken by Blocx and a company called Zlgdesign.

It’s supposed to be a new national training center and international competition venue and the rock climbing section looks pretty impressive based on the pictures I have seen. 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a website to the challenge park to find out more details about climbing there or whether it is even open to the public, although it sounds as though it is.

Sooka Central Designer Synergym

Sooka Central, located in KL Sentral has apparently set up a designer gym with twist.  It has a rock climbing center piece with beginner routes on autobelay that is available to all their members.  Now that’s a gym I wouldn’t mind joining.  Unfortunately, I’m not even sure if it’s open yet, or what the membership fees will be like, although I suspect it might be something pretty steep.

Perhaps I’ll just mosey on down there and take a look around?

Outdoor Climbing Areas 

Lost World of Tambun – Ipoh, Perak

From ClimbXMedia, I read about the new climbing area in Ipoh.  Located in Sunway Lagoon’s Lost World of Tambun, there are 27 routes bolted on limestone.  I had heard about this climbing area even while I was still rock climbing, but by that time I was tapering down the climbing activity, hence the reason why I never went to check it out.  It looks like a lot of developments have taken place around that area since as I’m sure Sunway Lagoon’s Lost World of Tambun didn’t appear overnight.

For more climbing areas in Malaysia, you can check out my old posts on this subject.