Pangkor Laut, 2004

Our recent trip to Tanjong Jara reminded me of a trip the hubby and I took a long time ago to Pangkor Laut.  This was before we got married so you’ll notice that hubby look a lot trimmer in these photos.  It was also back in the days when I could be bothered to wear my contact lenses…

The trip was a planned surprise for me, which I thought was rather sweet of the hubby to go through all that trouble.  He refused to tell me where we were going, only that we were taking a few days holiday at some unknown destination.

I caught on to an island retreat because he let slip that we had to make it to a certain place by a set time.  I figured that meant we had to catch something.  Since we didn’t need our passports, it clearly meant we would still be in Malaysia so it had to be a boat.  Turned out I was right, except I never guessed it was Pangkor Laut.  I was thinking something along the lines of Redang or Perhentian (although my geography of Malaysia is so bad I didn’t know any other islands existed anyway).

Here are some of the photos from our trip:

Below: Waiting for the ferry.


Below: On the ferry.

resized_Picture 054

Below: Arrival at the resort, just after checking in.


Below: Scoping out the menu for lunch.


Below: Checking out the island – I think this was outside the Chinese Restaurant.  It was a long time ago so I can’t remember…


Based on the decor, I’m pretty sure it was a Chinese restaurant.  Can’t imagine any other restaurant with a large gold coin stuck to their front door…


A cute way to place mosquito coils:


Just goofing around outside the spa:


“I wonder if these rocks are climbable?”


Heading down from our room in the “hills”.  Pangkor Laut offers you “hill” villas, “sea” villas, “spa” villas, “beach” villas, garden villas and the suites.  Back then I was really into rock climbing so the hubby figured I would prefer the “hill” villas.  It was rather sweet of him considering the “hill” villas were located the furthest away from all the amenities and it meant we had a lot of walking to do – not exactly the hubby’s favourite passtime…

resized_Picture 056

The food at Pangkor came included in the room package and was “all you can eat” at a variety of restaurants and cafes throughout the island.  This was breakfast on the second day:

resized_Picture 058

All around the island you can see lovely peacocks showing off their tails.


There are a lot of activities to do around the island, but aside from the spa, most of them involve physical activity.  For instance, you can take a kayak around the island.  The hubby very sweetly accommodated my passion for physical activities and agreed to go kayaking with me around the island.


You can see some of the “sea” villas behind me in the background here:


We decided to take a break and headed for shore…


So hubby could get some “oxygen” – he was still an active smoker at the time…


A great workout deserves to be followed by a great meal.  We had dinner at the Chinese restaurant on the second night.  Dessert was homemade ice cream.


The waiters kindly accommodated us by taking a photo…


And another at the entrance to the restaurant.  There’s a cool looking boulder inside the restaurant that caught my attention, although I didn’t get a photo of it.  If it weren’t such a feature within the restaurant, I might have attempted to climb it.


Dinner on the second night was at another restaurant where a three piece Phillipino band was playing.  They were fantastic.  They went around from table to table serenading all the couples.  When they got to our table they sang a Phillipino song called “You are my Soul” – at least that’s what I think the title was.  I loved it, but it’s a shame I never managed to get hold of a copy of the song…

resized_Picture 064

resized_Picture 062

Here’s another peacock…

resized_Picture 105

A view of one of the sea villas.


Taking a walk along the walkways by the sea villas…

resized_Picture 092

Along the walkways they have seats where you can take rest stops, or just sit and admire the scenery.

resized_Picture 094

Alternatively, you can look out for the giant lizards swimming in the water or sun bathing on the rocks.  Can you spot the one in this picture?


Pangkor Laut is a rather romantic getaway.  It is definitely the place to bring your other half and definitely not the place to be if you’re by yourself.  I can’t really comment on the child-friendliness of the place since I never really noticed those sort of things back then. 

The food at Pangkor was a lot better than the food at Tanjong.  There’s more variety as well.  The only downside is that because it is located on an island, there isn’t much else to explore except what’s on the island.  At Tanjong, you can take a drive out to the surrounding towns, explore the night market, and so on.  But if I had to choose which place I would rather go back to, I would choose Pangkor.

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