Singapore, 2003 – Trip Report

I found some old trip reports from our climbing trip to Singapore in 2003 written by the Thin Man and Lelek le Grunt.  Lelek le Grunt’s report is rather comical, actually.  It is a pity Simian Boy didn’t write anything – his trip reports are always good for a laugh, too.

From Thin Man:

Day 1: Artificial wall climbing at SAFRA Yishun.

Excellent enterprise climbing walls with some very long, pumpy, overhanging routes. The walls are set up right smack under the sun, which means it can get pretty blistering hot in the late mornings. Everybody had good fun and performed well on the challenging routes.

Later on, went shopping for climbing shoes and gear. There’s a lot more selection here as compared to KL, and the prices are pretty decent as well.

Lai - shoe shopping

Below: Cinderella’s ugly step-sister (aka Fearless Leader trying on a pair of climbing shoes at All Sports)

Lai aka ugly sis

At night, we were back at JB for MooMoo’s house-warming dinner where we stuffed ourselves crazy!


Day 2: Outdoor climbing at Dairy Farm, Bukit Timah

Most of us wouldn’t have guessed, but right smack in the concrete jungles of Singapore is a natural park with very well-maintained hiking and biking trails. Managed to explore some really interesting bolted routes. The climbing gang had a field day testing themselves out against some of the more challenging routes and I guess everybody left with some unfinished business 🙂

Spent the night at JB, watched a late-night movie, and then an even later mamak session before trudging home for a couple of hours of sleep.

JB night out

In all, another fun-filled climbing trip in the record books for the climbing RockRats.

From Lelek le Grunt:

I’m just filling out the blanks…

Day 0, Lai runs out of petrol again. Whatever happened to “I dont make the same mistake twice”?

Lai driving

Day 1, pick up Holdbreakers goods at his suppliers place (me reading map in the car), then on to Allsports and campers (me still reading map in car, getting sick), finally attempted to go to wisma atria to get some goods for mumsie (me still reading map, getting even more sick) gave up because of lack of time and head back over to MooMoos place in JB for makan (Me finally giving up the map reading and conking out in the backseat. Lucky didn’t puke.)

refugee camp

CJ - on chairs

Day 2, Adrian takes a massive dump somewhere off the trail. 2 or 3 days worth if I’m not mistaken. Heres the sequence of events. Leaves car, walks up trail with the rest of us, feels the urge, turns around, searches for toilet paper, can’t find it, runs back up the trail, asks moomoo where the TP is, gets told its in the glove box (the only place he didn’t look), says “DOH!” in the exact same manner as lai when he found his safety was locked on his harness, gets some tiny piece of tissue paper from Richard, runs back to car, doesnt make it, jumps into the bushes, says “aaaaahhhhhhh”…..

Also on Day 2 was this b**** (edited) of a slab climb. Its a nice 6a all the way to the bloody 1 foot crux move. Yes, just 1 FOOT! And that 1 foot is a 6C by general consensus. A mini matchstick width micro edge to stand on, a sloping mini crimp for the left hand and abslutly nothing for the right hand. Kenneth leads for us, but chickens out and swings over to the scramble on the left to finish the route to set up top rope for the rest of us. Next was yours truly. Hung for a bloody long time and finally managed to haul my sorry ass over the lip using my left foot all the way to the left. (cheating?) Next was Coverboy who tried and tried and tried, but finally asked for a haul. Well, 1 foot of hauling was all it took. Next was holdbreaker who had the same results. Sim tried and didnt make it either. Came off the climb and was royally pissed with us when we told him none of us made it up either. Shen managed to haul herself over the lip after some long hanging and cranking!

Dunno how she did it though. 5C master tried and made it. All the way to the first bolt, which was his goal for the day. After that, feeling brave, he went on to the crux and died, with the rest of us.

Oh yeah, somewhere around that time, Thin man and Shameless were attempting this deceptively easy looking climb. I heard grunts and moans from thin man that rivalled mine! Later when Shameless was trying, Ho ho, it was a funny sight to look over and see lai swinging out. Look over again, and lai swings out again. In fact, everytime we looked over, we could see lai swinging out… Lai, that was by far, your most shameless performance ever. Runners were pulled, bolts were stepped on… and the best… oh man, pull on the runner, clip in to the bolt using the safety, unclip the runner, reach up and clip the runner into the next bolt, unclip safety, pull on newly clipped in runner…

Hmmm, dun forget the huge cinema we went to, when we were late. I remember someone saying “Hey, we are probbably 90% of the audience, can they delay just for us ar?” Turns out we actually WERE 90% of the audience. They didn’t delay for us though, we missed the starting. We also missed the ending because some lazy prick of a projector operator cut off the last bits of the show just so he could go home.

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