The Virtues of Rock Climbing

Why rock climbing is a great sport to teach your child

Recently, I bought a couple of books to read to my son at bedtime as a means of teaching him virtues in life that I would like him to abide by in his life as he grows older.  Then, today, I noticed Gavin attempting to scramble up the back of a seat and it made me think of taking him rock climbing and of the virtues he could learn through rock climbing.

Some of the virtues that rock climbing teaches:

1. Trust – you have to trust your belayer or you won’t be able to climb.

2. Understanding – when you climb with someone for some time, you develop an unspoken understanding.

3. Patience – waiting for your climber to finish climbing, waiting for your turn to climb, waiting until you develop the skill and the strength to complete that project route.

4. Gratitude – when you have to belay someone for a really long time, you start to appreciate the way your belayer patiently belayed you when you were working through a crux.

5. Tenacity – if you don’t persevere and train hard, you will never be able to climb the more challenging routes.


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