Gua Batu Maloi, 2003

Since I haven’t been working out at all and have nothing much to report on the fitness front, I decided to take another trip down memory lane with a few old photos.  Over the last week, I was down with a touch of some stomach bug which left me unable to eat.  Needless to say, I lose a few kilos while my stomach squirmed at the thought of eating.  Since then, I’ve been actively putting them back with a couple of midnight forages, polishing off my chocolate stash in the refrigerator that will soon need replenishing.

During my brief adventure stint, I only even went caving twice.  The first trip was to the Dark Caves near the main Batu Cave Temple.  The second trip took place some two years later when I finally managed to drag myself away from the crag long enough to do something other than rock climbing. 

Gua Batu Maloi isn’t a true cave per se, but it is a series of fallen rocks that form a covered area that can at times appear to be cave-like.  During the wet season, the water levels can be quite high, so it is wise to get an experienced guide if you’d like to experience this particular little adventure.

The day began with a bit of breakfast near Sunway Pyramid with our guide, the Mountain Goat and his side kick:


I came along for the ride.  You can glimpse the pyramid behind me:


Here’s the rest of the crew:


The path towards the “caves”:


The first bat cave: 




A little 5C climbing required to get through the natural obstacle course: 


Swimwear is a great idea, since it can get pretty wet in there.


Taking a bit of a breather while we wait for the others to catch up.


Getting out of the caves is made a little easier with a helping hand.


Another break and some food before a bit of trekking.


More of the crew just chilling. 


The only way is up. 


So I did get a chance to put my climbing skills into practice after all… 


Washing up by the river at the end of the trip.


The short ride home at the end of the day.


All in all, the experience was enjoyable.  It wasn’t a particularly tough trek, nor a very challenging cave, but it is great for a bit of light fun for those with an adventurous spirit.  You don’t need a high level of fitness to make it either, but I highly recommend getting a guide.

4 thoughts on “Gua Batu Maloi, 2003

  1. Hi!! Can i have more info about that place (Gua BAtu Maloi)?
    My friends and i (students of UiTM Malaysia) are planning to go there but don’t have any contact numbers.. We really need it. Hope u can help. Thanks..


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