The 10 Minute Yoga Routine

It was a bad week.  I only managed one yoga session.  Unfortunately, my plans to do more were thwarted by a combination of a busy schedule and a demanding son.  On the up side, my little personal instructor has been whipping my behind into action by forcing me to carry him as I pace up and down the room to help him fall asleep.  The single yoga session I managed to get in was also a pretty good one – it left me sweating and aching by the time I was done (even though I didn’t complete the full workout available on the DVD).  I was also aching for the next couple of days after that.


The DVD in question is one from the series of the 10 Minute Solution on Yoga.  Although it only runs for 55 minutes – a tad on the short side for my liking – I was keen to get it because I’d been looking for a Yoga version of Denise Austin’s Hit the Spot Pilates ever since I tried it.  I like the convenient 10 minute slots because the bite size portions ensures I’ll be able to find some time in my day to do some exercise, even if I can’t get through the whole DVD in one sitting.

They also break up the full workout into sessions targetting specific parts of the body so you can choose to workout first on your problem areas and skip the parts you’re not interested in.  The sessions on the DVD are:

1. Yoga Basics
2. Yoga for Thighs and Buns
3. Yoga for Abs
4. Yoga Burn
5. Yoga for Flexibility and Relaxation

The only criticism I have about it is that you can’t program a workout the way you can with Denise Austin’s Hit the Spot Pilates – or rather you can, but you have to include all the components of the workout.  For instance, you can’t just program to run through Yoga Abs and Yoga Burn only.

Since my experience with Yoga is quite limited, I am probably not the best person to judge whether the standard of Yoga on this DVD was expert, intermediate or beginner. But if you have to ask for my opinion, I think it tends towards intermediate, because I’m sure there was nothing beginner about this workout!  Even the intermediate Total Flow Yoga workout didn’t feel as tough as this.  Either that or I am seriously unfit.

I tried to run through the whole DVD, but by the time I started Yoga for Abs, my arms were trembling so much, it was all I could do to manage a simple plank position and not allow my arms to collapse under me as I moved into a low plank.  I ended up skipping Yoga Burn and going straight to the Flexibility and Relaxation component which was very restorative.

10 Minute Solution Yoga may only run for 55 minutes, but it is a pretty intense 55 minutes which I think is completely worth it for RM19.90.

Another new week begins and let’s hope I can complete more planned workouts this week.

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