Kathy Smith’s Yoga Sculpt DVD


Okay, so I seemed to have gone on a rampage buying workout DVDs of late…  Seeing as I don’t get a chance to go to the gym and my attendance to Fitfor2 has been nonexistant, despite my commitment to purchasing a 12 pass visit, I figure this has to be the next best thing I can do for myself.  Since buying this DVD for RM19.90, I’ve used it a total of three times, which makes it better value than my classes at Fitfor2 already.

Although I was originally looking for Denise Austin’s Yoga DVD, I couldn’t resist getting Kathy Smith’s Yoga Sculpt because it contained 160minutes of workout time – that’s like getting two DVDs for the price of one!  The only bit I felt a little cheated by was the “sculpt” part.  The title made it sound like I was getting a yoga sculpt DVD.  In reality it contained two yoga sessions and one lower body sculpt session which I couldn’t do anyway because my problematic right knee has gotten worse.  I can’t do repetitive squats, let alone bounce from side to side without feeling pain.  Looks like this DVD is only good for 130minutes of workout after all.

The first yoga workout, last 55minutes, is for beginners and the second, lasting 60minutes, is for intermediate to advanced.  Naturally, I started with the beginner’s session which I felt was already rather challenging.  If I thought it was tough working on it in two parts, it was all I could managed to finish the whole workout in one go.  If judging by how I felt after the workout is anything to go by then this DVD was definitely worth every bit of the RM20 I paid for it.

After completing the workout, I felt sufficiently revitalised to tackle my overactive son again.  I also derived another benefit from the workout – my tennis elbow was gone after one session of this workout!

They say that home workout DVDs are a waste of money because you never stick to the routine.  Well, this is only my first month into it so it is still early days yet, but I think the real key to keeping it up is variety.  If you want to stay interested to work out at home, you need to have a collection of workout DVDs that you can choose from.  If we all had to do the same workout over and over again, who wouldn’t be bored and unmotivated?

I now have a collection of:

  • 2 Pilates DVDs
  • 3 Yoga VCDs
  • 2 Yoga DVDs
  • 1 Workout and Relaxation DVD
  • 1 Body Toner VCD

Which is plenty to keep me going for a while.  After all, if you think about, isn’t that what attending classes at a gym is like?  If you’ve been attending for long enough, you’ll find that the classes are pretty much repeated variations of a theme – not really so unlike changing the routines from a selection of these recorded workouts.

This is the first of Kathy Smith’s workouts I’ve tried, and while I like the yoga part, I’m not too sure about the sculpt.  If you want something challenging, I recommend it, but if you’re injury prone, then I’d just stick to the yoga.  Although I had never heard of Kathy Smith until I saw her DVDs in Speedy, if her other DVDs are anything like this one, then I reckon she’s a pretty good instructor to follow as well.

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