Supersize Me

I confess I don’t usually read the papers and what little of it I do read belong to the business section and what’s on the table under my plate. I got intrigued by an articles a few weeks back in The Star on a Swedish study based on the controversial “Supersize Me” film. The study was conducted to investigate the effects of a month long junk food diet on a small group of individuals.

If I recall correctly, it was a study conducted on 10 male and 6 female medical students and they had to consume 6600 kcals of junk food a day for 30 days. They were also requested to keep their physical activity at a minimum.

The results of the study were surprising. It seems that genetics may play a bigger role on the effect of diets on individuals than we think. They found that one of the subjects in the study remained in relatively good health and even put on muscle mass! How cool would that be to gain muscle just by eating junk food? Unfortunately, you have to be one of the lucky to be born with that particular trait and from my past observations, I don’t think I fit into that category.

I guess this is one of those controversial studies that debunks the fundamental belief that if you eat crap and don’t exercise, you’ll get fat. It’s still early days to be making any solid conclusions but it certainly opens the doors on alternative possibilities. Since very little has been done to observe what happens to healthy individuals who take on an “unhealthy diet”, it could be that all the past studies are misrepresented because they observe the group of individuals most susceptible to calories.

For more details on this study check out these links:

The Guardian
New Scientist

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