Rock Climbing in Hong Kong

Although I never got a chance to rock climb in Hong Kong, I did get the opportunity to check out some pretty neat climbing walls during a business trip there early 2005. If you’re keen to check out a couple of the artificial walls in Hong Kong, here’s an entry I wrote about how to get to two of the walls, complete with pictures:

I’m in Hong Kong for a regional meeting until tomorrow. The last time I was here, it was a whirlwind trip with no time to do anything but work and sleep, so I expected this trip to be the same.

Surprise, surprise, we actually managed to follow the schedule and were about fifteen minutes over time when we finished the wrap up.

With a free night and nothing better to do, I did a bit of scouting around and located the climbing wall that Thin Man showed me a picture of a long time ago. If a picture says a thousand words, I can hardly describe the “wow” factor of seeing the wall in the flesh.

Simian Boy would be delighted to note that there is a Grade 5 roof climb on it as well (check out the attached pictures, I marked it out in red) – finally!


The articial wall is located near the corner of Jordan and Gascoigne Rd, opposite the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. You can find it on this map:

Just go to “Yau Ma Tei” map under “Kowloon”. You can get there by taking an MTR to Jordan station, then walk all the way down Jordan street until you hit the intersection with Gascoigne Rd. As you walk down Jordan street, you should be able to see the wall peeking over the Gascoigne Rd flyover.

It’s 18 panels tall and has both top rope and lead – although with that wicked overhang, you would deck if you fall off top rope from as high as the fifth panel.


It costs HK$90 (which is about RM 45) for the first time, which includes the introductory session which is compulsory even if you have climbed before. Subsequently, you can either pay HK$350 for an unlimited one month’s pass, or your can pay HK$90 per entry.


Above is a shot of an indoor wall on level 2F of the YMCA building. This is located on Salisbury Rd, next door to the Peninsula Hotel. It is one MTR stop away from Jordan station. The station is called “Tsimshatsui”. Take exit E and walk down Nathan Rd until you see Kowloon hotel on your right, turn right and keep walking until you reach the YMCA on your left.

The intro climbing session costs HK$50. Subsequently, it is HK$80 for every visit after that. Both gyms are open from 9am – 10:30pm and they rent out harnesses, but you need to bring your own shoes.

There is also a bouldering gym near Wanchai MTR station, but I didn’t get around to checking it out… I hear this one is open 24 hours!

Sigh! The one time I didn’t bring my climbing gear and I find I have free time to go climbing. Next time they send me for work here, I’m packing my climbing shoes!

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